Whether you have an open plan space or just want to create private areas within a room, room dividers are the perfect solution for managing your space. Not only should a room divider serve its purpose well, it should also look good doing it. That’s why we are here to give you some inspiration and showcase examples of room partitions from some of our projects. Here at jcareydesign we have a wealth of product knowledge, meaning we can offer cost effective solutions for any design without compromising on quality! Read on to get some room divider ideas.

Timber Slat Room Divider

A stylish way to add a room partition to an open floor plan is to use wood timber slats. We do a lot of timber slatted room partitions and its not hard to see why, they create a stunning focal point and divide the room seamlessly. Plus, you have plenty of scope to experiment with the design; you can have them full height as pictured above, half height or different shapes and colours. The options are endless! In this case we used a timber effect laminate built up in box sections to create a chunky timber design.

Acoustic Panel Room Divider

If your aim is to create private areas for meetings or focus time then acoustic panels are the best choice for you. Not only do they look great, but they help to block out sound pollution too. Pictured above is an acoustic panel room divider that we manufactured from box section steel with inset acoustic panels. This was installed in an open plan office, the perfect addition to allow employees to hold private meetings or to have quiet time. Furthermore, this option helps create a flexible workspace, something essential in the modern day working environment.

Screens with Greens

If you are looking for character and individualisation, a plant room divider is unbeatable. We manufactured a shelving unit from powder coated steel then planters were added to each shelf to bring the outside in for our client. This type of feature helps to transform a plain space into a vibrant, more relaxing atmosphere. Research shows that having a greener working environment helps to reduce stress levels, anxiety and fatigue by creating a feeling of calm. This is just one of many options you have with using plants as room dividers. Think outside of the box and get creative!

Glass Screen Divider

Glass panels are another stylish way of creating a room divider. This is a great choice if you are wanting to keep the light, spacious feel of an open plan room. Glass partitions within a workplace setting can also help to create a feeling of transparency and openness between team members. This helps to create a culture where information can flow freely between all members of the team. With glass, you also have the option of adding graphics onto the screen to work as a decorative partition. You could also have a glass sliding door for a more versatile option. 

Rope Room Divider

Looking for unique room divider ideas? A quirky and fun room partition can be made from rope. Pictured above we used colourful climbing rope to brighten up a gaming breakout area and to provide a clear division between the walkway and the gaming space. As well as looking fun, this is also a more affordable option if you are working on a budget.

Storage Room Divider

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, storage room dividers are another great way to split up different areas within a room. The best part about using a large storage unit is that it provides a stylish solution for keeping clutter out of site whilst having multiple uses depending on the needs of the client. These solutions are often used as printing areas or breakout stations for making coffees without disturbing the rest of the office.

The Choice is Yours…

As you can see there are many options available when it comes to creating the perfect room divider. We hope this article gave you some room divider ideas and helped you to decide which style you’d like to go for.

As a leading bespoke joinery contractor, we have a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and installation of room dividers. If we can help you with your project then contact us.

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